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Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer

Gujarat Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer is evaluated as a standout amongst other stabilizers in the market today because of its hard core execution and wellbeing highlights. Servo Stabilizer Sales and Service gives a way to manage the supply voltage to the electrical control panel load inside an adequate scope of voltage making it simple to control fluctuating electrical loads.Since voltage variances are only changes in the size of voltage which if surpassed past the unfaltering state voltage run required can make harm modern apparatuses and gadgets. Along these lines, Servo stabilizers are worked by the prerequisite of our clients for their applications after appropriate counsel.

With long stretches of involvement in the field of assembling dependable and enduring electrical hardware, Servo stabilizer is a result of point by point look into which has been refined on numerous occasions keeping pace with evolving innovation.

Utilizing Servo programmed voltage stabilizers can redress the speed of voltage adjustment with more noteworthy exactness. This regularly conveys a ceaseless info and yield voltage to beat the issue of voltage fluctuation.Known for its steady yield, execution, sensible cost and quality, Apex's Electrical Power Consultants is produced from premium review crude material and bleeding edge innovation.

Our stabilizers are in tremendous request in India,Gujarat and also abroad because of their quality and unwavering quality. We additionally create stabilizers are specially crafted to the determinations according to the requirements of the customers and have highlights of assurance for over-burden postpone high/low voltage cut off choices, and so forth. Our static stabilizer use less space contrasted with alternate items in the market and have a productivity up to 98%. This makes it appropriate for mechanical applications where voltage control should be profoundly productive with best rates of voltage rectification.

We are additionally driving makers and provider of oil cooled UPS Manufacturers and are our items incorporate the air-cooled stabilizer, oil cooled servo stabilizers, single stage servo stabilizers, three stage servo stabilizers.We guarantee you that our servo stabilizers are reliable in their execution and are constantly updated with evolving innovation.

As an emphasis on safe task, we at Apex are made a point to submit to all the security controls of the national and global markets to have a more extensive reach. This has prompted our strict quality control forms that have in the end earned the name and trust from many driving ventures from India and in addition abroad. Every one of our items experiences thorough testing to check the working of the considerable number of segments inside the equipment. Our best in class current plant fabricates spending plan arranged, effective and dependable isolation transformer which the necessities of the present modern needs with appropriate consideration on security.

Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer
Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer
Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer
Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer
Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer
Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer
Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer
Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer

1 Input Voltage Range 3-Phase: 360-460, 340-480, 300-500 v
(or as per customer specification)
2 Input Voltage Range 1-Phase: 160-270, 180-280, 130-260 v
3 Output Voltage Range 3-Phase: 415, 400, 380 v
4 Output Voltage Range 1-Phase: 240, 230, 220 v
5 Syastem Construction Unbalenced Type
6 Output Voltage Regulation +/- 1%
7 Overloaded Capicity 120 %
8 Correction Speed 35 v/sec, 70 v/sec, 110 v/sec
(Optional With D.C Motor)
9 Wave Form Distortion NIL
10 Output Wave Form True Reproduction Of Input
11 Cooling Natural Air-Cooled up to 125 kva
12 Modes Of System Both auto or Manual
13 System Construction As per IS 9815-1994


  • CNC Machine
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Textile Machienery
  • Pharmaceutical Machienery


  • Output Under Voltage
  • Output Over Voltage
  • Single Phasing preventer
  • Reverse Phasing Preventer
  • Overload & Short Circuit Protection through MCB/MCCB


  • Digitel Volt Meter For Input & Output voltage Indication
  • Digital Ammeter
  • Frequency Meter
  • Output Low Trip Indication for Individual Phases
  • Output High Trip Indication for Individual Phases
  • Input Low Indication For Individual Phase. Input High Indication For

Advantage Of using Servo-Controller Stabilizer:

  • REDUCTION IN BREAKDOWN OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT : UP To 70% depending upon the input voltage variation and working hours of the plant which will result in zero breakdown and better utilization of manpower & Equipments.
  • ENERGY SAVING : 5-25% depending upon the input voltage variation and working hours of the plant.
  • GUARENTEE : Our Servo Stabilizer are warranted for 1 year unconditionally after installations as site. We have wide spead service network in most of the states in india and we provide services at site our clients for ant complaints.
  • REDUCTION IN MDI : There will be definite reduction in MDI by 10-15% after the power factor by 10-15% after the installation of the equipment
  • IMPROVEMENT IN POWER FACTOR : Improvement in power factor by 10-15% can be achieved as the output supply will be stable