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Ahmedabad GUJRAT Isolation Transformer Manufacturer

Adequate isolation between a power source and a user of electronic equipment ensures the safety of that equipment.

Given the high voltages that exist in modern electronic equipment, proper isolation protects an operator from contact with excessive electrical energy should a short circuit occur in the equipment.

Vision Power Solutions is Isolation Transformer Manufacturer. Isolation transformers have represented a traditional solution for providing high isolation in electronic circuitry. Even with the increased use of efficient, switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), isolation transformers can improve the overall isolation of an electronic design without severe penalties in added size, weight, and cost. Isolation transformers offer an effective means of meeting the requirements of domestic and international safety standards for electronic equipment.

Isolation Transformer Manufacturer enable a variety of electronic systems to meet safety requirements. Such systems include medical diagnostic equipment, computer systems, and telecommunications equipment and Critical Plant Machinary.

Isolation Transformer Manufacturer
Isolation Transformer Manufacturer
Isolation Transformer Manufacturer

Product Specification  
Input Voltage 230/415 V
Output Voltage 230/415 V
Line Frequency 47-63 Hz
Regulation Upto 4 %
Rating 10 KVA to 1000 KVA
Cooling Air/Oil
Coupling Capacitance < 0.01 PF ( For UIT )