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Protective Devices

a. Surge Protector Device : Lightning and surge arrester V 25-B+C Ensures Lightning Protection potential equalization in accordance with VDE 0185 Part 1 and Part 100.

Operation and Fields Of Application

Lightning and arrester V25-B+C ensures lightning protection potential equalisation in accordance with VDE 0185, part1 and part 100. The device is an arrester of requirement class B+C to DIN VDE 0675, Part 6 {Draft 1 1.89} A1, A2. It Ensures Potential equalisation for the energu supply line in lightning protection installations for buildings. The arrester can also be used in buildings. Since direct or partial lightning currents may be expected there as well.

Version V 25-B+C/3+NPE (Requirement Class B+C) is a special surge arrester for TN-C-S, TN-S, TT and IT systems. This device was developed for the new requirements DIN VDE 0100, Part 534/A1, To allow simple, Safe installation of the devices.

High-performance arrester OBO V 25-B+C has a special veristor circuit made up of powerful zinc oxide varistor with a highly non-linear characteristic (a>30). This design ensures maximum protection.

Even with powerful surges. Even at the maximum load Imax of 50 kA the protection level is below 1.5kV. This type of devise to withstand even partial lightning currents from direct lightning strikes. In the even of an overload. The build-in isolating device iso-lates the faulty arrester module from the network and indicates this with a red field.

Because of the low residual voltage, OBO lightning arester V 25-B+C can also be used as a combined arrester B and C
Services location in accordance with VDS 2031.


The OBO V 25-B+C can easily be installed in any distribution box or switchgear cabinet by snap-fitting to any commercial 35 mm top-hat rail. The NPE arrester element type C 25-B+C/NPE and the matching base are designed so that they cannot be plugged in the wrong way round (coding). This ensures correct installation of the upper parts of tyh arrester.

b. Effective Earthing System.

Effective Earthing and Lightning Protection Syatem

Advantage & Disadvantage

  • Safety Of Life and Property from Earth Related Electrical Hazards
  • Strong, Reliable, Long Life
  • Less Maintenance
  • Smooth Dissopation of Fault, Lightning And Short Circuti Currents
  • Low Electrical Resistance As per Soil
  • Resistence To Corrosin
  • Repeated Current Carrying Capicity and Continuity
  • Provides Stable Reference
  • Ideal Earthing System For all Kinds of Earthing Applications
  • A good earthing systems will feature the following characteristics:

  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Conductors capable of withstanding high fault currents
  • Long life.
  • Low ground resistance and impedance.

    Model Length Inner Strip Our Pipe Coating Compound
    Z-50 1/2/3 mtr 25*6 mm GI 50.4*3.2 mm 80-100 microns Powder Form
    Z-80 1/2/3 mtr 40*6 mm GI 80.3*3.2 mm 80-100 microns Powder Form
    Copper Bonded Rods
    CC-18 1/2/3 mtr - 18mm 250 microns Powder Form
    CC-27 1/2/3 mtr - 27mm 250 microns Powder Form
    Copper Pipe
    CU-32 1/2/3 mtr 25*5 mm Copper 30.5*2 mm 100% Copper Powder Form
    CU-50 1/2/3 mtr 40*6 mm Copper 50.5*2 mm 100% Copper Powder Form
    Copper Rod
    C-18 1/2/3 mtr - 18mm 100% Copper Powder Form
    C-27 1/2/3 mtr - 27 mm 100% Copper Powder Form